Like Father, Like Son

There may not be an individual on this Earth who is more clueless than Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr. Even though he refuses to admit it, Flynn Jr. is under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the probe regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Flynn Jr. was a golf-instructor before becoming chief of staff at the Flynn Intel Group, a lobbying group established by his father. During the election, he was a key player in disseminating the “Pizzagate” conspiracy, a popular alt-right theory that resulted in gunfire in December 2016.

NBC News reported last week that Mueller has enough evidence to bring charges against both Flynn Jr. and his father. Flynn Jr. was actively tied to his father’s lobbying efforts, yet he refuses to admit any wrong doing, but seems to have doubled down on his bet that his father is innocent, despite mounds of evidence that the senior Flynn failed to disclose his lobbying work, and even attempted to kidnap a Turkish cleric.

Why he would tweet something like this is puzzling to everyone given the virtual certainty of Flynn’s guilt. When Flynn Sr. is charged, there is no way the Trump administration will be able to distance themselves, although it would have been difficult for them to do so, even without this tweet.

But for all of Flynn Jr.’s denial, it seems strange that he has to clarify that he’s NOT going to jail. Since, of course, that’s what innocent people do.



There have been reports, although unconfirmed, that Flynn Sr. begged and grovelled for his son’s life after he was presented with evidence that would be sufficient to charge both of them with espionage, a capital crime. The reports even say that General Flynn started crying, and wanted to cut a deal to protect his son.


Although these reports may seem hard to believe at the moment, it is likely that they are true, given the concern Flynn Sr. has shown regarding his son thus far.


Regardless of if Flynn Sr. actually broke down in tears, when the indictments rain down, we shouldn’t forget those who made big contributions to getting Mr. Trump elected.




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